Our Committees

    AHIC advances its mission through five volunteer-led standing committees and ad hoc task forces charged with addressing issues and opportunities as they arise.

    Through these groups, we harness our members’ extensive skills, experience, and passion for affordable housing to support the field and provide valuable services to the 200 professionals involved with AHIC.

    Interested members are encouraged to contact the chair to discuss service on a committee.

    Acquisitions/Underwriting Committee

    The Acquisitions/Underwriting Committee develops guidance on best practices for the industry for both single investor (including direct investments) and multi-investor funds. The Committee’s tools and resources provide recommendations on how to evaluate project real estate, development partners, and investment structures, with particular attention to emerging trends.

    Acquisitions/Underwriting Committee Chair
    Adam Galowitz
    State Street
    e-mail: aigalowitz@statestreet.com

    Asset Management Committee

    The Asset Management Committee creates risk management resources for both the investor community and syndicator partners. These resources are designed to not only manage risk, but also support compliance with federal requirements and promote sound portfolio performance. AHIC’s asset management best practices encourage transparency and consistency in risk identification and reporting and promote a proactive approach to portfolio issues and challenges.

    Asset Management Committee Chair
    Gina Bender
    Bank of America
    e-mail: Regina.S.Bender@bofa.com

    HFA Relations Committee

    The HFA Relations Committee works in to keep an open dialogue with state housing agency officials on issues regarding housing credit developments and policies that affect deals. They partner with the National Council of State Housing Agencies on joint events and serve as a resource to HFAs across the country on the investors' perspective.

    HFA Relations Committee Chair
    Desiree Francis
    Capital One
    e-mail: desiree.francis@capitalone.com

    Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee is responsible for outreach to and networking with potential AHIC members and retention of current members. They oversee the application process, create marketing materials and welcome packets, and organize get-togethers to orient new members and introduce them to AHIC’s leadership.

    Membership Committee Chair
    Wendy Jacquemin
    City National Bank
    e-mail: Wendy.jacquemin@cnb.com

    Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee works with members who are interested in assuming leadership positions and manages the annual elections process for AHIC. They also provide training and orientation for new members of the Board of Governors.

    Nominating Committee Chair
    Brian Coffee
    e-mail: briancoffee@synovus.com

    Program Committee

    The Program Committee is responsible for AHIC’s three yearly meetings and develops a theme for each meeting that is relevant to current market conditions. The Committee also creates the meeting agendas by soliciting ideas from the members to ensure topics are of significant interest to attendees. The Committee establishes panels, books speakers and panelists, and coordinates logistics for the sessions.

    Program Committee Chair
    Laurie Levitt Schoenburg
    Bank of America
    e-mail: laurie.levitt@bofa.com