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    Webinar: The World of Syndicators:  Understanding History, Context, Strategies and Trends 

    Tuesday, April 13th | noon - 1:30 pm EST

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    Join fellow investors in a FREE members-only AHIC webinar on syndicators.

    Learn from expert industry analysts and former syndicator leaders. We’ll examine:

     The history of the industry: how has ownership & strategy changed?

    Implications of developers, debt platforms, & investors syndicating

     The differences between for-profit & non-profit entities

    Tools for in-depth analysis of syndicator sustainability

     Questions you can ask to unpack their business strategy

    And MORE!

    Bring your questions, comments, and insights.

    Invite your colleagues too. For assistance registering or creating an account, email [email protected].

    This webinar is for AHIC members only.