AHIC Fall Summit 2020

    AHIC 2020 Fall Summit Recordings are Available Now

    A Deep Dive Into Operating Subsidies
    Hear legal experts and practitioners parse the complex programs behind these resources. What lessons can deepen our understanding of the benefits and pitfalls?

    Social and Economic Justice and Affordable Housing
    Engage with key leaders on what our field is doing to advance, or erect barriers, to social justice and creating opportunities. What actions can we take to do better?

    Developer Roundtable
    From prospecting new sites to rent collections, from the East Coast to the West Coast, from ensuring the safety of construction workers to protecting the health of seniors, what have been the impacts of the COVID crisis on developers and those they serve?


    HFA Roundtable

    Learn how state agencies are responding to the pandemic and recession in creative ways. What daunting challenges remain, and how can the industry work together better to advance our joint mission?

    Investor Roundtable
    Get inside the heads of investors as they navigate these challenging times. How are they changing their day to day underwriting and asset management practices?

    Inside the 2020 Election

    November 3rd is right around the corner. What do current trends auger for the election, and what could this mean for affordable housing?